CoBa Studios & The Team

CoBa Studios has been Merrickvilles' dedicated and local printer for over 8 years now! 

Run and managed by Joy Cox and Chris Chinkiwksy, CoBa Studios aims to bring a high level of quality assistance and creativity to help you bring life to your projects.


Whether it be print for flyers, graphics for your company or event, stock photography or a simple photo print. 

From simply printing your existing files, to creating an entirely original identity and brand for your business, our goal is to facilitate your success. Here at CoBa, we create business cards, flyers, brochures and other print media, and can advocate for your local business through sharing completed products on our facebook page and in our monthly newsletter.


We are interested in helping promote and expand your business, as well as making sure you understand and actively participate in the process. We believe in an "open-door" policy, which means that as a customer of Coba we will be your partner through every step of the creation of your products. The design and printing, which we take so much pride in, happens right before your eyes, and we are always enthusiastic in sharing our knowledge of the print and design industries. When you print and design with Coba, you get an authentic, local experience.


You get a lot more than a simple one time transaction with us. We here at Coba are extremely passionate about supporting the community which supports us. We do this through directing business towards those who do business with us and any who offer quality products in the Merrickville area.

Chris Chinkiwsky

Printer - Creative Consultant - Artist - Cool Guy

Chris Chinkiwsky was born and raised in Merrickville. He attended public school in the village and highschool in Kemptville. Upon completing high school, Chris pursued studies at Algonquin College, where he took courses in Multimedia Development, Graphic Design and Baking and Pastry Arts.

However, Chris found that sitting in a classroom was best left for someone else. He returned to Merrickville where he worked as a cook at Elements Bistro for a year, learning to appreciate fine dinning and the art of food. He also pursued his hobby of painting durobond acrylic fine art and attempting to draw. 

While promoting himself as an independent artist and touring various art shows, Chris joined the CoBa crew as a part time graphic designer. As Chris began to learn about the world of print and design, he discovered a true sense of fulfillment from helping people creatively express their businesses and hobbies through print and design. He is as motivated to help you learn about the printing and designing process as much as he is to learn from it himself.

Joy Cox

Owner - Printer - Photographer

Joy Cox is ....In need of a statement.

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