The classic monogod: though he drew this circle and bound all within it, he remains removed and obscure, refusing to step inside to see how he would do. Having forgotten he is a metaphor, he believes he is the only deity in town and resents the intrusions of these other divine figures.

Magnus Bronzebeard


Diamond Jim

Not a god as such, but a mortal who has been inexplicably stricken with the gift of prophecy. Born into wealth as the son of high roller, the laid-back “Diamond” Jim lives on the top floor of the OMNICORP Skyscraper, a dizzying pyramid of glass and steel in
the port city. He is a devout believer in material progress and is convinced that the advancement of technology will bring about a utopia in which scarcity will be abolished

Emissary Goat

Deep in the reaches of intergalactic space dwells the Emissary Goat, a frightening, but misunderstood demon from the astral plane. He was able to enter this dimension as a result of the experimental teleportation technology developed by a joint venture of
OMNICORP and the Union Aerospace Corporation. When he is not terrifying hapless space travellers as a messenger of death, he enjoys birdwatching, circling the crossroads at midnight with a nine-knotted string, and golf.

The Albatross

Friend to sailors and navigators around the worlds, she guides them through the flat expansive maze of the ocean waves. Soaring on the winds, she glides alongside the ship, giving it the occasional nudge to make sure that it is headed along the correct course. With her mighty three metre wingspan, she protects those lost at sea from corrosive salt spray. And of course you don’t get bloody wafers with it.

The Harbor Dog

A trickster figure in search of a good time, illuminating adventure, and some people to teach. He tries to remake the world for the better, but sometimes things go awry, a situation which the Harbour Dog defends with his characteristic lackadaisicalness as “hey, at least it’s interesting!” When not out and about on the high seas, the Harbour Dog can be found at his office behind the phone booth near Wharf 37 where he sells bootleg fire he purloined from the gods (though he insists it “fell off a truck”).

The Astrowhale

The Queen of the Deep who has moved amidst the foundations of the world where unrecorded names and navies rust and untold hopes and anchors rot. Sometimes appearing as an island good to land upon, when human activity becomes too obstrusive,
she sinks beneath the waves to wash away the detritus of unchecked industry. Since the difference between up and down, depth and height is just a matter of perspective, she can also use the mycelial rockets mounted beneath her fins to ascend into the interstellar
heavens, the greatest ocean of all.

Alzoid Shacklekeep

Alzoid has been running the Backwater Asteroid Bar & Grill for several aeons. Many eternities ago, Shacklekeep was afraid of dying and so began taking a regimen of buckyballs – a dubious pharmakon made up of microscopic spheres of carbon tubes he had ordered from an ad placed in the Whiskeyjack newspaper. Now immortal, he staves off the ennui that inevitably results from eternal life by playing his strange songs and getting generally annoyed by his infrequent customers.

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